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Welcome again to my cool medical articles with latest information about health and fitness specially our health topic: DM.
We talked before about clinical picture of DM, its types and metabolic disturbance in it (revise those short medical articles:
so let us go now for its complications as those complication are too long so I will talk about theme in more than one article so follow us to be tuned up with every new and latest information about health.
I will start my cool medical article today with skin complications of DM as follow:
1. Bacterial infections as recurrent furuncles and carbuncles.
2. Fungal infection as mucocutaneous candidiasis.
3. Neuropathic foot ulcers, they are painless and mainly in planter.
4. Xanthomas: yellow papules or nodules of the hyperlipidemia
5. Specific diabetic dermatoses:
·       Necrobiosis lipodica: patch of erythema over the shin of tibia, which becomes yellowish, atrophic and may ulcerate.

·       Diabitic dermopathy or pigmented pretibial papules: begins as an erythematous area and evolves into area of circular pigmentation.
·       Diffuse granuloma popular: small papules that often turn into rings on the dorsum of hands and feet. They are slightly erythematous and become dusky with healing.

·       Acanthosis nigricans: feature of insulin resistance and accompanying diabetes.
Moving to another complication rapidly to save lines in our short medical article.
Vascular complications divided to:
1. Micro vascular disease (I will discuss later)
2. Macro vascular disease or atherosclerosis, which leads to:
Ø Stroke
Ø Coronary heart disease
Ø Peripheral ischemia
3. Gangrene of foot or diabetic foot
4. Angina and myocardial infarction
Other complications are gastrointestinal complications:
1. Changing of bowel habits (constipation or diarrhea)
2. Gastroparesis with gastric dyspepsia.
More complications ahead as hepatic complications like:
1. Fatty infiltration in type II DM
2. Glycogen infiltration in type I DM
More than all that we can see genitourinary complications as:
  • ·       In males: Impotence due to neuropathy and vascular complications.
  • ·       In females: vulvovaginal infections and dyspareunia
  • ·       Autonomic neuropathy: may lead to cystopathy with inability to sense a full bladder and failure to void completely with post void residual increase, which in turn leads to hesitation, incontinence and recurrent urinary tract infection.

This can be diagnosed by cystometry and urodynamic studies.
Here is the end of this cool medical article. I will continue complications of DM in next short medical articles so follow our blog to receive the latest medical news.

Good bye J
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