What is nutrition from health point of view?!

Nowadays, One of health issues is nutrition . As nutrition  affects all ages specially it has health related events in children and elders (extreme of ages). So in this article I will show you some health topics on nutrition.
Nutrition now is considered as a separate science and has its specialists. We actually can define it as a science of studying food, its components  and way of eating to maintain a good health
Including growth, reproduction, mental…etc
According to that definition , food and its components are special elements of nutrition, so let us go deeper on this health topic.
Food consists of many components important for every one’s health. Those components can be categorized in main headlines as follow:
Macro elements
Micro elements
In this medical article, we will talk about carbohydrates .
We will handle proteins, fats and micro and macro elements in next interesting medical articles.
Carbohydrates is considered as the main source of energy to our bodies and only source for our brains.
Simply, carbohydrates is sugars that we eat daily and in nutrition perspective we divide it into simple sugars and complex sugars.
 Simple sugars consists of only one or two chains like glucose, lactose, fructose…etc. Complex sugars consists of more than two chains like starch. This division only important in some nutritional factors as simple sugars more healthier than complex ones and raise blood glucose level slower.
As a medical advice, you should eat a lot of carbohydrates daily as it takes the major component of food plate. Here we can ask lots of medical questions about sugars like how we digest it, how our bodies get energy from it and how it really enters cells. Wow lots of topics which we will talk about in next interesting medical articles.
Last thing about carbohydrates in this amazing medical article is how we eat carbohydrates in a healthy way.
Many nutritionists give us a piece of medical advice that helps us to eat carbohydrates in healthy manner as follows:
In morning, try to eat whole grains as they contain lots of simple sugars.
Try to eat breads that have been made using whole grains as they very healthy.
Please, do not eat lots of potatoes as they contain complex sugars which in turn makes you to gain weight.
Eat beans and other legumes as they contain simple sugars which is digested very slowly.
Many information on health and nutrition so meet you in next interesting medical articles and more information about health.
Good bye😍

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