Therapeutic Diets

 Weird headline for this short medical article “therapeutic diets”, is not it?! And now you are asking yourself a medical question if it is really this health topic related to nutrition or not.
So keep reading this cool medical article to know J
Generally, therapeutic diets are used in special cases and health events instead of regular diet that may cause allergy, hypo or hyperglycemia, some enteropathies, etc. and they are used, of course, to control some diseases like hypertension, diabetes, heart diseases, etc.
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Let us begin in our health topic on therapeutic diets.
There are several types of therapeutic diets; I will mention some of them:
  • 1.     Clear liquid diet:

Mainly to provide adequate water and up to 1000 Kcal as simple sugar and some electrolytes, it is used in cases of:
ü Postoperative cases.
ü Upper GI lesions.
ü Any difficulty in swallowing.
  • 2.     Full liquid diet:

Mainly to provide adequate water, sugar, dairy foods, soups, eggs and strained fruit juices. It is used in:
ü Cases of swallowing difficulty.
ü Following clear fluid diet.
  • 3.     Low residue diet:

It contains mainly proteins and carbohydrates as it includes eggs, cheese, fish, chicken, cereals and cakes.
It is used mainly in cases of ulcerative colitis.
  • 4.     Soft diet (bland diet):

Any diet needs minimal chewing like fish, eggs, cheese, creams, etc.
It is used in cases of GIT disturbance like peptic ulcer.
  • 5.     Low fat diet (50 gm/d):

It is mainly important in reduction of dietary fat y 10-25%. So It is used in cases like fatty acid diarrhea and coronary heart diseases.

  • 6.     Low protein diet (50 gm/d):

Mainly to restrict ammonium production as a metabolite of proteins in cases of renal failure, liver cell failure and inborn errors of fatty amino acid metabolism.
  • 7.     Low carbohydrates, high protein and fat diet:

It is used in cases of post prandial hypoglycemia.
  • 8.     High calcium diet:

It is used in postmenopausal cases.
  • 9.     Low gluten diet:

It is diet free from gluten containing foods like wheat, oats, rye, etc. it is used in cases of gluten induced enteropathy.
  • 10 Dietary fibers:

It is a diet full of fibers as fresh fruits, vegetables …. Etc.
It is used in cases of constipation, diverticulitis, I.B.D and DM.


After this all types and why we use them, I come to the end of this amazing health article which is full of information about health and fitness.
Keep reading next medical articles to know more health news.
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