DM: complications III

Welcome again, very happy to see you reading my short medical articles.
Today, I will write about more DM complications; as we previously talked about lots of complications of DM as it affect all our body systems.
Today, I will continue this health topic depending on latest medical news.
I will begin with ocular affection in DM. As diabetes affect almost all ocular structures lid, iris, lens, nerves and retina. I think it will be cool medical article so let us go on.
Ocular complications:
  • 1.     Lid: DM causes steys and xanthelasma.
  • 2.     Iris: DM causes rubeosis iridis or in simple words new vessel formation.
  • 3.     Lens : DM causes cataract and sometimes it causes blurring of vision specially in patients with acute hyperglycemia.
  • 4.     Extra ocular palsy: DM causes neuropathies specially in sixth nerve causing lateral rectus paralysis and squint.

You really should imagine the effect of DM on the eye its like an elephant sitting on an egg.
Now, let us move to diabetic foot in the following lines of this amazing medical article.
According to latest health news, DM is very famous with this complication leading to limb amputation. Terrifying health event!
Diabetic patients reach this complication due to combination of variety of factors like ischemia, neuropathy and infection.
Here is two types of diabetic foot, we must distinguish,:
  • 1.     Ischemic foot:

Patient comes with claudication pain and pain during rest.
During your inspection you will see trophic changes, palpate it so you can feel its coldness and to determine that it is pulseless.
You will find painful ulcer specially on heel and toes.
diabetic foot
  • 2.     Neuropathic foot:

Here, you can see that it is painless but put in your mind that it can be painful. With inspection and palpation you will find it arched and toes are clawed, warm and you will find pulse. You may find ulcer too but it is painless on planter surface of foot.
diabetic foot
As a medical advice for doctors and patients foot care is very important in DM as you can delay or prevent incidence of diabetic foot.
Last complication in this amazing medical article is diabetic infections as DM causes abnormalities in immunity and vessels so patient liable for skin, gall bladder, UT and lung infections.
Waiting you in my next short medical article hoping you are enjoying our health topics.

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