Fats and proteins components of our Nutrition

Nutrition is an extremely wide object so let us continue our previous interesting medical article on our health topic (nutrition).
Previously, we talked about major components of our food then we gave more health information about carbohydrates. So rapidly, we will go for fats and proteins. So keep reading and do not miss our cool medical article.
After sugars, our bodies depend on fats for energy but if that takes long time it will cause a horrible health event called ketone acidosis(will be discussed later in our medical articles) due to its metabolic pathway.
Fats are categorized to saturated and unsaturated fatty acids depending on its side chains.
fat and proteins
Saturated fatty acids like butter they are not healthy as they increase risks of bad health events as obesity, fatty organs, atherosclerosis….etc.
Unsaturated fatty acids like omega 3 (fish oil) they are healthy ones which decrease the level of harmful LDL and increase levels of good HDL.
So my medical advice according to food plate, try to eat unsaturated fatty acids about 15% daily and never put yourself in health problems by eating lots of saturated fatty acids.
Now, we can travel in our medical journey to the deep of proteins’ island. What a yummy island full of meats and beans.
Proteins are essential to our growth and building our muscle bulk. They are categorized to essential and non-essential amino acids according to human needs.
Proteins are considered a tertiary source of energy only in severe health issues like starvation and severe health events like marasmus.
Essential amino acids are very important as our bodies can not be made by our bodies so you need to get them from food.
Non-essential amino acids are less important because they are made by our bodies.
Here is our medical advice about proteins and of course according to food plate, we need daily protein intake as 30-35% of our meal.
In this short medical article, it is upon my shoulders to give each of you this last medical advice in this article. Everything you take more than you need, it will cause undesirable health events. As I said before in this article if we eat lots of fat, we will get diseases like atherosclerosis which in turn increases the chance of heart diseases. As well as if you eat lots of proteins, you will get Gout (A horrible health event that affects joints mainly). Excess sugars too will cause bad outcomes like obesity.
Go on and keep reading the rest of our latest health and fitness news.
Good bye. ^_^

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