Iron Deficiency anemia

Welcome to the 2nd short medical article about anemia, this one will contain latest health news about Iron and iron deficiency anemia.
You also can read more about iron in this article:

As usual we should start any nutritional element with its metabolism.
Iron metabolism:
          1- Source: Meat, Liver, Kidney and Vegetable
          2- Requirement: 10 mg/d of which is 1 mg absorbed.
          3- Absorption increases with vitamin c and decreases with phosphate, phytates and tannins.
          4- Excretion (1 mg/day) through desquamation of cells in gastro intestinal tract and skin.
Oral iron is converted to ferrous (form of absorption) by the effect of gastric HCL then it is absorbed in duodenum and upper jejunum though apoferritin in mucosa.
Here, ferrous form is converted again to iron through mucosal block then to ferritin which gets its way to blood to bind with transferrin to enter erythrocytes after that iron enters mitochondria and incorporated into protoporphyrin to form heame that bounds to globin in cytoplasm to form HB.
As a medical advice, transferrin is measured as iron binding capacity.

Here is some medical notes according latest medical news
* Ferritin is a water soluble complex of iron so it is available for Hb formation.
But haemosidrin is an insoluble iron complex.
*With time ferritin is engulfed by lysosomes and catabolized to hemosiderin. Iron enters and leaves the ferritin molecule so it is available for cell function. In contrast, the iron trapped in the hemosiderin is difficult for use
Now going for iron storage in this amazing medical article:
Iron stored as ferritin. Part of ferritin circulates at a concentration that reflects body stores with normal range. Normally we can find that:
                             males15 – 400 ng/ml.  =  15 – 400 Ug/L
females 10 – 200 ng/ml.  =  10 – 200 Ug/L

+ In iron deficiency anemia, ferritin is less than 10 ng/ml but with iron overload it may reach thousands.
+ Each 1 Mg/L serum ferritin equivalent to 10 mg stored iron.

Now we are going to the serious part of our short medical article.
Etiology of iron deficiency Anemia:
          1- Inadequate intake as in:
·        Infancy after 6m.
·        Anorexia.
·        Old age.
          2- Decreased absorption due to phytate (cereals) intake.
          3- Increase demand as in:
·        Pregnancy
·        labor
·        Growing Child.

          4- Chronic blood loss as in cases of:
·        hemorrhage esp. GIT
·        Ankylostoma, as Each worm consume 0.2 ml/d
Keep on and read the next short medical article to know about its clinical picture and more

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