Iron deficiency anemia

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I am going to continue on our previous health topic: iron deficiency anemia.
We reached to clinical picture part in our previous amazing medical article.
So clinical picture of Iron deficiency anemia is:
1.     General features of anemia like pallor, fatigue, headache, angina pain, etc.
2.      Epithelial changes as: koilonychias in nails (spooning), angular stomatitis, glazed skin and tender tongue.
3.     Clinical picture of the cause
·        Esophageal Varices
·        peptic ulcer
·        vaginal bleeding
·        Mal-absorption
·        Ankylostoma.
·        Plumer- vinson syndrome with post cricoid web characterized by:
ü Middle aged female
ü Iron deficiency anemia
ü Spooning of nails
ü Enlarged spleen
ü Dysphagia
ü Post cricoid web
Here is a note and a medical advice:
Menorrhagia, post cricoid web and gastric trophy may be a sequence as well as a cause of iron deficiency anemia.
Lastly, we finished iron deficiency anemia clinical picture and we will go for a health topic known as investigations of iron deficiency anemia.
Investigation of iron deficiency anemia includes:
          1- Investigations to prove anemia:
·        Decreased Hb
·        Decreased RBCs count
·        Decreased Hematocrit value
          2- Investigations for type of anemia:
                   ·  Blood indices            
·  Decreased iron (N = 125 mg%)
·  Decreased IBC (400 mg %)
                             -  Decreased MCV                  
                             -  Decreased MCH                                     
                             -  Decreased MCHC               
· Decreased Transferrin saturation (N = 30%)
·        Decreased free erythrocyte protoporphyrin             
          3- Investigations to prove etiology of anemia e.g.
·        Detect source of bleeding
·        Stool for Ankylostoma
·        Upper or lower Endoscopy
·        occult blood for Hb molecule in stools & not RBCs itself, it is performed as follows
1)      Stop meat in take 3 days before the test.
 It is better to repeated as (GIT bleeding is intermittent).
Cause: e.g. esophageal varices, peptic ulcer and ankylostoma
Now we will go to medical advice on Iron therapy:
1. Oral iron therapy
This is by ferrous sulfate 300 mg tab. (60 mg elemental iron/tab)
1 tab. T. d. s. (give about 200 mg elemental iron/D)
It is best absorbed if given before meals but it is very irritant so it is given after meals.
2. Blood transfusion
3. Multivitamins supplementation.
 iron deficiency
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