Micro elements, are they important in nutrition?

I talked about macro elements in my last medical article.
Now, I will talk about a new health topic as a continue of our course on nutrition..
From its name micro, it will makes wonder and ask a health question, is it really an important health topic in nutrition to waste time on it?! So keep reading my cool medical article to know the answer.
Micro elements or trace elements are elements very important for your health and their deficiency will cause you many trouble health events. They are called micro as our bodies only need very small amount from them about few micro or Nano grams.
Iron, iodine, selenium, zinc …etc. All are micro elements. I will discuss Iron and iodine in this article regarding latest medical news.
Iron is an important element as it is the main component of our hemoglobin. There are many sources for it put in general animal iron is easier to be metabolized than planet sources.
Iron is very very important to get healthy red blood corpuscles.
My medical advice about iron intake is that:
·        Never drink café or tea after or before meals to absorb iron efficiently from food.
·        Try to get more animal sources for iron
Now, it is iodine turn. Iodine is the main element for thyroid hormones synthesis.
So its importance is the importance of thyroid hormones. Thyroid hormones mainly th3 and th4 are very important according to latest health news.
Thyroid hormones role as following (but not limited to):
·        Increasing basal metabolic rate.
·        Increasing sensitivity to catecholamine.
·         Increasing protein synthesis and break down
 So easily iodine deficiency leads to decrease Th3 and Th4 synthesis. Can you imagine the effect of that health event?
Actually this health event of iodine deficiency is called endemic goiter (increase size of thyroid gland).
Now to my medical advice about iodine. Nowadays there are no fear of iodine deficiency as we eat iodinated salt but still some areas away from sea have some endemics. If you fear from this deficiency just eat fish as it a rich source for iodine.
 After of that amazing cool medical article and rich information on health.
I think you are asking yourself that we talk a lot about elements and food but we do not know how our bodies digest and metabolize them so continue our medical articles series.

See you in the next short medical article.
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