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Welcome to short medical articles that will provide you with latest information on health news. Today, we will talk about anemia; as anemia is present when there is reduction in number of RBCs & Hb contents of blood with decrease O2 carrying capacity of blood in relation to age & sex.
According to latest health new, anemia classified by:
I.        etiological classification:
·        Deficiency like Iron deficiency anemia and B12 deficiency anemia
·        A plastic Anemia
·        Hemolytic Anemia
·        Hemorrhagic  Anemia

II.       Morphological classification:

·        Microcytic hypochromic                  
                          *Iron deficiency anemia              *Sideroblastic Anemia
                          *Thalassemia.                                      *Chronic lead poison
·        Normocytic normochromic    
                          + A plastic anemia         
                          + Hemolytic anemia (rather than thalassemia)
                          + Chronic systemic disease.
      ·     Macrocytic normochromic

 ►Megaloblastic anemia.

 ►Non Megaloblastic anemia.

After classification we will go deeper to reach the pathophysiology of anemia as follow:
  • 1-     Tissue hypoxia
  • 2-      Compensatory mechanism:

·        Increase of erythropoiesis.
·        Increase cardiac output due to peripheral vasodilatation.
·        Decrease plasma volume
·        Increase level of  2-3  DPG       
·        Increase  Hb affinity to O2
·        Increase O2 release to tissue
We all hear anemia every where but what is really its clinical picture?!
Here some presentations of anemic patients in brief in our amazing medical article.
symptomes·        Patients with anemia may be asymptomatic. As slowly falling level of Hb allows for haemodynamic compensatory mechanism to develop.
·        Symptoms: all are nonspecific (include all of the following but not limited to them)
ü Fatigue
ü Faintness
ü Angina pain
ü Headache
ü Breathlessness
ü Palpitation
ü May patient notice some pallor
ü Claudication
ü Dizziness
·        Signs: nonspecific too (include all of the following but not limited to them)
ü Pallor
ü Tachycardia
ü Functional murmur
ü Heart failure
ü Or signs of the cause as bleeding.
Here we reach the amazing part of this cool medical article as we will talk about specific signs of different types of anemia:
·        Specific signs that we can see in special cases of anemia for example:
ü Koilonychias in iron deficiency anemia
ü Jaundice in hemolytic anemia.
ü Leg ulcers in hemolytic anemia.
ü Splenomegaly in hemolytic anemia.
Before finishing this short medical article, I will give you pieces of medical advice:
1. We all know that anemia is very common health problem affect people worldwide and easy to treat but it can be a manifestation of malignancy so take care.
2. keep good diet and nutrition take some vitamin pills and doing exercise all that will give you good health and keep you safe from any unfavorable health events.
See you soon,
Good bye.


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