Nutrition part three: macro elements

As a continue of our journey to nutrition in  our short medical articles and after talking about carbohydrates, fats and proteins in our previous health topics depending on latest health information news.
Now, we will go onto a sea with no end as we will talk about macro elements.
A health question appears now. What are exactly macro elements?! Why are they called macro?! So let us start talking about this good health topic.
Macro elements are that elements we need daily in adequate amount to maintain good health. They are called macro as we need grams of them daily.
Macro elements are very important as they enters in every cell of our bodies starting from bone, enzymes, blood clotting, neural and muscular transmission ….etc.
Calcium, sodium, potassium, chloride, phosphorus and magnesium all are macro elements and I will discuss some of them in next few words in our cool medical article.

Starting with calcium:

It is the main mineral for bone cells and cartilage. We can get it from milk, cheese, yogurt … etc.
Regarding latest health news, it is essential for:
  • ·        Blood clotting
  • ·        Bone
  • ·        Cartilage
  • ·        Teeth
  • ·        Neuronal transmission
  • ·        Muscular transmission
  • ·        Heart contractility

But its deficiency leads to horrible health events. In children it causes rickets (bone disease) and it causes osteoporosis in adults.
According to world health news today, vitamin D is essential for calcium absorption from GIT so if we have vitamin D deficiency, you will get calcium deficiency too.

 Now, moving to phosphorus:
Phosphorus is very important as it is part of ATP (adenosine tri phosphate) the energy component and storage of our bodies.
Added to that it is important for:
  • ·        Bone
  • ·        Cartilage

Phosphorus and calcium are continuously in turn over under effect of thyroid and para thyroid hormones.  As phosphorus and calcium blood levels are inversely proportional.
Moving again to sodium, potassium and chloride:
We can find sodium, potassium and chloride in almost all body fluids as:
·        Sodium is the main extracellular ion, it has a role in muscle irritation.
·        Potassium is the main intercellular cation, it has main role in acid base balance and muscle irritability.
·        Chloride is the main extracellular anion, it has important role in stomach acid synthesis.
Wow lots of elements that I can not discuss in my short medical articles .
Finally, my medical advice for today. Always drink milk daily or eat any diary products.
Keep your health well with our health topics and latest health and fitness news which we discuss in our cool medical articles.

Good bye for now J  
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