Pulmonary T.B

Here again, a new short medical articles contains latest information about health. Today we will talk about T.B
So this cool medical article today will start with organisms that can cause T.B:
1-  Mycobacterium tuberculosis (human type) it causes most of infection.
2-  Mycobacterium bovis à is endemic in chattel & rarely affect man
3-  Atypical mycobacteriuim (cause +ve tuberculin)
It is lead to +ve tuberculin
Affect cervical L.N. Common in immunopomromised patients.
e.g     * M. Marinum
* M. Kansasii
* M. Avium
Now, going to next health topic in this cool medical article the pathology of T.B:
1-  Those at risk of acquiring T.B.
          *  Children                               * Contact
          *  Immunocompromised                    * Living in overcrowding
2-  Entry of the organism through alimentary or respiratory tract. So, the appearance of clinical picture depends on
·        Natural resistance
·        Standard of living
·        The presence of previous disease as D.M., uremia or liver cirrhosis Predispose to pulmonary. T.B.
3-  The reaction of the body towards tubercle bacilli depends on whether those bacilli first seen by the body or it is the 2nd exposure so if:
·        1st exposure          leads 1ry complex
* Gohn’s focus which is small area of consolidation in the upper part of lower  lobe or lower part of upper lobe.
* lymphangitis
* lymphadenitis (hilar L.N.)
·        2nd exposure (post primary), here is the body develop resistance & hypersensitivity
After the pathology in this cool medical article, we will talk about TB clinical picture:
symptomes*1st common symptoms with pulmonary T.B:
·        Night fever
·        Night sweating
·        Loss of  Wieght   
·        Loss of appetite
I-Clinical picture of lry complex:
In most cases the 1ry infection produce no symptoms
 or signs & the condition usually passed unnoticed unless the following investigations done.
·        X-ray
·        Sputum
skin sensitvity test·        Tuberculin test shows +ve conversion from
·        Fever, dry cough may occur for 1-2 weeks.
II-As a result of hypersensitivity:
     a-  Erythema nodosum      
     * Bluish red
* Raised
* Tender
* Cutaneous on the skin of tibia
* Tuberculin test is strongly + ve
b-  Pleural effusion (exudative reaction)
c-  Phylectinular conjunctivitis.
phylectinular conjuctivitis

III- progression of primary pulmonary tuberculosis
·        General features of T.B. 
·        Apical lesion       
·        Sputum +ve              
·        Haemoptysis
IV. Post primary (adulthood TB)
A patient with 1 ry T.B. with 2nd exposure or reactivation as mentioned, may presented by the following:
                   * General features of T.B.
* Cough, expectorant
* Haemoptysis may result form
1- Bleeding from vascular tissue granulation
2- Erosion of big vessel traversing tuberculous cavity

Manifestation of pneumonia or cavity
• Dyspnea.
• Pleural effusion
• L.N. enlargement which leads to pressure on bronchus.
• Bronchostenosis or pulmonaiy fibrosis are late complications
Finally, we reached the end of our short medical article. Follow us to read more about latest information on health and fitness.

Good bye
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