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Health advice medical blog seeks to protect the privacy of our online readers. The goal of the Privacy policy is to make you know how we deal with information received from you through this blog, added to that informing you of the risks when you use information by the Internet. Be alert that this policy changes periodically without any notification so it is your responsibility to check it when using our blog. Be sure that using our blog is an agreement to this policy and all its terms.
You should keep in mind that all the medical information in our blog is general and not take them as a substitute of real doctor advice. So please consult a professional doctor for any health problem or issue facing you.
Information about health and medicine
All your medical information or medical history is treated under the HIPAA laws. We can get this information by you or any other care provider. All that information are protected well as indicated in HIPAA laws.
We cannot guarantee any information on the internet by 100% security. But we use lots of security methods to protect all the information as password and encryption…etc.

Information Collection and Storage

We never collect any personal data from you except in case you give them to us as in form of any applications or e-mailing but we ensure that this data is only used by our blog administrators in case if we need contacting you.
Medical and health information are treated by HIPAA as shown above.
We usually collect non personal data like website usage, traffic and site performance, other statistics.
We use some cookies to identify repeated visitor.
N.B: your IP and cookies are never used to collect personal information
Emails are insecure as they may be viewed inappropriately by other user so if you want to be secure and safe keep all your data secret and private.
We may need from time to time to notify you with latest articles or news via your email.
no information collected from children under 13 years old and all our information on this blog is good for children and all age groups.

Printing or Downloading Information
You are not allowed to use our information for any commercial purposes and if you used it for personal ones you should include source of this information.
All the information is protected by copyright law.

Website Contact Information
If you have questions about this Privacy Statement, please contact us at:  

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